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Pay After Course Completion
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4 months of live expert classes
2 hands onportfolio & capstone projects
Certifiedcourse and syllabus
Dedicated mentor3 mentors per batch

What students are saying

Their teachers are very experienced and tell us where we are going wrong. They also help us prepare our designs and even get ready for interviews. The best part is, they focus on every student individually. I did not only learn there, but also got a lot of confidence."

Rahul Kumar Designwings
Rahul Kumar
UX designer, TCS

This bootcamp was everything that I wanted. Everything from portfolio projects to the placements were well managed by you guys. I got to learn and work with other designers and students as well in teams. I was desperate to start my career in design and you guys gave me a lot of confidence."

Sindhu Designwings
Sindhu Pinnamaneni
UX designer, Design Brewery

My mentors were awesome. They told me everything based on industrial standards and also helped us work in teams by thinking in a collaborative way. I loved learning the UX process and got to learn the exacts steps needed to take to solve problems. Designwings really helped me a lot. बहुत बढ़िया था।"

Akash Kale Designwings
Akash Kale
UX designer, JLL Technologies

You guys really helped us get an insight into how the design industry works. I also learnt how to play a role in the UX/UI industry and how the softwares work. All this gave me a real confidence boost to pursue a career in design instead of a typical software engineer. Also, all the students became really good friends and helped each other a lot."

Soubhick Designwings
Junior Product Designer, Workex

You guys really helped us get an insight into how the design industry works. I also learnt how to play a role in the UX/UI industry and how the softwares work. All this gave me a real confidence boost to pursue a career in design instead of a typical software engineer. Also, all the students became really good friends and helped each other a lot."

Urvashi Kaushik Designwings
Urvashi Kaushik
UI Designer,

I really admire the knowledge been provided & gives me great exposure to learn & enhance my learning skills. Thank you for the assistance & support throughout my journey."

Sonam Malvi Designwings
Sonam Malvi
UX/UI designer, Taomish Singapore

I would like to thank you as it was all because of you who laid best foundation of UX research design concepts in my journey of design. Recently I got an offer from a renowned MNC!"

UX Designer, Accenture

The entire session gave me the confidence to contribute to the UI UX design role. Despite the fact that I come from a design background. This training drew me deeper into the practical application of UI and UX. I owe Designwings and its mentors a debt of gratitude for this."

Nagaraj SK
Designwings Alumni

Thank you for your guidance and learning. Now I see UX with a whole new vision and pool of possibilities. Thank you for creating such an amazing learning platform for the UX/UI field."

Pratiksha Thakare Designwings
Pratiksha Thakare
Designwings Alumni
What can you expect?

17 weeks to become a
job ready UI/UX designer

UI/UX design certificate
Authorized certificate

You'll get a signed certificate at the end of your course that will be a sign of proof of your professional design skills. These certificates can be shared and added to your LinkedIn and CV.

Live classes
Live classes with a collaborative experience

Gone are the days of boring old lectures. Our mentors give you live lessons throughout the week and take you through our refined curriculum. You get to learn in teams and build relationships.

Real client projects
Work on real client projects with India's best design studios

In collaboration with partner design studios, we get you to do some real life capstone projects. We train you individually as well as in teams.

UI/UX design certificate
Exclusive placement partnerships

We want every student to thrive and be a part of the best companies. A dedicated team of placement coordinators strive to build partnerships with companies, assuring you get noticed by the best.

Counselling and training
1-On-1 counselling & training sessions

Our career counselling and coaching team trains you 1-1 for interviews, resume creation, placement coordination, and more.

End to end assistance
Complete end-to-end assistance

Our team is like no other. You will be assisted smoothly through admission, to learning, to career counselling, and placements. With our dedicated teams, you get someone to help you quickly and effectively.

Free figma
Free figma & other goodies

Every student gets access to Figma For Education, to empower them to use these powerful tools. You also get access to some exclusive assets that our team has worked hard to build, including exclusive resource board.

Join us & become a professional UX/UI designer
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1,000+ students trained
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4 months UI/UX bootcamp with 100% job placements
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    4 month extensive UI/UX design training with the best mentors from top MNC companies
  • Career coaching and practice including resume building, 1-1 counselling sessions, complete interview preparation
  • 1-1 company interviews and placement opportunities
  • 6 months of placement and career services
  • Enrolment in job guarantee program
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UI/UX internship + training
  • Hosted in partnership with Procreator Design Studio - An award winning Indian design studio
  • Get a guaranteed paid internship and work on real client projects with companies like Google, Amazon, and more
  • Work closely with pro designers with years of experience
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Join us for our weekly meetups

Designwings Q&A

Founder Q&A Every Sunday

Our founder Punit Chawla loves to connect with students on every Sunday of the week. He will talk about the course, past experiences with students, companies Designwings UI/UX school works with, and clear out any doubts.

UI/UX portfolio walkthrough
Portfolio Walkthroughs

A student coordinator will help you understand how we mentor and will take you through different student portfolios. This is a demo of the student experience.

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Creative work

Portfolio projects that got students hired

Plantify UI/UX case study

Plantify - Plant care app

A complete UI/UX design case study that focuses on solving the problems of home plant owners and passionate gardeners. There is a balance of focus on research and analysis, along with visual design.

Karya case study

Karya - Host events

Students worked on a simplified event hosting platform that can be accessed on a phone instead of a complex dashboard. This tool has all the essentials of hosting events online and in the real world, and also a bunch of very clever implementation of a compact UI.

Fix UI/UX case study

FIX - On demand home services

This project was worked on during the pandemic and was looking at the issues home-owners faced with servicing their homes and fixing appliances. This case study helps provide a smooth flow to go from booking a service to paying for it with an efficient checkout flow.

Wheels complete car care app

Wheels - Complete car app

A solo student project by Urvashi Kaushik, this case study went through what major competitors in the space are doing, learning from them, and applying some good solutions backed by user research.

Paper scanner

Paper Scanner

An app that provides an easy to use solution for scanning documents using your phones. It also adds a complete UI for storing these scans on your phone locally and also on the cloud. A key issue with such apps was solved with an easy and effective onboarding experience that helped shorten the learning curve.

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