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Curriculum & Practice
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Getting started
  • Breaking the ice and meeting your classmates
  • Getting to know your instructor
  • Introduction to UX and UI design
  • What is the design thinking process
  • The double diamond approach
Starting your project
  • Types of UX research methods
  • Data gathering methods and sources
  • Focus groups, user groups
  • Contextual enquiery
  • Open ended and one-to-one interview practice
  • Market segments with examples
Defining & identifying users
  • Creating user profiles
  • Persona mapping, pain points, needs and wants
  • Empathy mapping process
  • What is the design thinking process
Solving problems and finding solutions
  • Conceptualisation and ideation
  • Competitor analysis
  • KPI measurement for project success
  • HMW and and other problem solving activities
  • User and business objectives
Structuring your designs and documentation
  • Diving into information architecture
  • Card sorting methods for better organisation
  • Design sprints and excercises
  • Journey maps and task flows
Visualising solutions and building blueprints
  • UX design laws and principles
  • Wireframing: Lo-fi and Hi-fi
  • Testing out wireframes for usability
User interface design
  • Design Principles
  • What are responsive, adaptive and hybrid designs
  • Introduction to UI design software (Xd, Figma)
  • Types of layouts
Building high fidelity designs
  • UI controls and patterns
  • Creating style guides and introduction to design systems
  • Grid for mobile and web
  • Components hierarchy and display
Understanding visual design in UX & UI
  • Color theory and selection
  • Typography for the project
  • Correct usage of icons and design elements
  • Whitespace, separators and usage of shapes
Designing for different operating systems
  • Android design guidelines - Material design
  • iOS design guidelines - HIG
  • OS design systems and kits
  • What is the design thinking process
Cosmetics and designing for accessibility
  • Accessibility and inclusive design
  • Proper usage of graphics, illustrations and visuals
  • Cosmetic changes and testing
Creating prototypes and MVPs
  • Using smart animate and other tools to create prototypes
  • Micro-interactions and transitions
  • Sharing prototypes and implementing feedback
Usability analysis and testing
  • Planning usability and user testing
  • Creating surveys and questionaries
  • A/B testing and other user testing methods
  • Familiarising with essential testing tools
Iterating and making changes
  • Analysing test results
  • Implementing changes for users
  • Finalizing and analysing KPI's
Building and working on portfolio and resume
  • Presenting research in an interesting manner
  • What do recruiters and designers look in a portfolio
  • Mockups and creative layouts

Introduction & icebreaking

We begin with a great introduction with your mentor, your peers, and give you an opportunity to network with like minded UX/UI designers.

You get an overview of UX/UI design, various careers and opportunities, and what roles do designers play.

A solid introduction is needed to lay down the needed foundation and to evaluate you, so as to serve you better.

Starting your first UX/UI design project

With your mentor's guidance, you are split into teams, and start innovating on new ideas.

These ideas are researched, studied, and explored to come up with some solid problem statements that need to be solved.

You'll be trained to find the best options, do the right research, and validate your ideas; all of this in a team setting. Working in teams will give you the confidence to work in a company's team.

Researching like the pros

Learn research best practices, play different roles in your teams, write great surveys, and build easy to understand documentation.

Learn to build empathy with the users of a product/service using the right interview and questioning methods, build focus/user groups, and build a target userbase.

Turn raw information into beautiful and effective documentation to use during the project.

Learn great problem solving with team activities

Perform engaging activities to come up with the best solutions to problems, sort cards, do competitive analysis, HMW's, and come up with the correct KPI's.

This is done in conjunction to documentation, storyboarding, and user/business objectives.

We ensure you understand the business and user end of a design project.

Building a structure and visualising the solutions

With reference to research and information, you are taught to work with information architecture (IA), hierarchy, journeys, and building basic sketches and diagrams.

This is followed by working on wireframes by the team, both lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes.

This allows you and your team to have a final visual and test out some assumptions before taking the leap to design it. Allowing for better testing and feedback from potential users.

Understanding and making the user interfaces

User interface requires knowledge of design principles and laws, graphic and visual components, typography & colors, as well as layout & structure.

This is the perfect time to introduce you to Figma, and various other tools (provided for free by Designwings) and get you started with converting wireframes to a final MVP.

You will also be working on coming up with good content, UX writing, as well as cosmetics - including shadows, shapes, iconography, borders, and micro-interactions.

Testing, feedback, & analysis

It's important to create a testable prototype and test whether the product is usable, easy to navigate, fulfils the needs of the users and business, and is an overall good experience.

This is done with thorough testing, getting familiar with testing tools, analysing test results, and making necessary changes to design through an iterative process.

Good testing could mean the difference between a successful and failed launch.

The curriculum may vary based on timeline, class duration, and/or student interest. We balance our curriculum to suit the students as well as satisfy our placement partners.

What Our
Students Are Saying
Rahul Kumar
UX designer, TCS

I would like to thank you as it was all because of you who laid best foundation of ux research design concepts in my journey of design. Recently I got an offer from a renowned MNC!

UX designer, Accenture
Urvashi Kaushik
UX/UI designer, Think Design Studio

I really admire the knowledge been provided & gives me great exposure to learn & enhance my learning skills. Thank you for the assistance & support throughout my journey.

Sonam Malvi
UX/UI designer, Taomish Singapore
Akash Kale
UX designer at JLL Technologies

The entire session gave me the confidence to contribute to the UI UX design role. Despite the fact that I come from a design background. This training drew me deeper into the practical application of UI and UX. I owe Designwings and its mentors a debt of gratitude for this.

Nagaraj SK
Designwings alumni
Soubhick Bhattacharjee
Product designer, Workex
Sindhu Pinnamaneni
UX designer, Design Brewery
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What Can You Expect From Our Courses?

Essential design tool training

At Designwings you get trained in the right design tools, as well as get Figma premium for free during the process.

Live, online, on the weekends

Our courses are mostly focused on live hand-on-classes, and also occur on the weekends, so you don't need to worry about your schedule.

Our trusted job placement and counselling services

After graduation we build your confidence towards the hiring process - interviews, resume writing, negotiation, and presentation skills. We also bring you exclusive job opportunities and assist you with the placement process.

Certificate of trust and credibility

Every student who successfully completes the course will be issued a unique signed certificate which authorizes you to design on a professional level. These can be shared on Linkedin and other platforms. Our certificate is considered by companies as a sign of credibility.
Great Plans and Pricing For All

A set of plans that are flexible and affordable for everyone

4 Month Online Bootcamp
From ₹12,000/month
Inclusive of taxes & charges
Interactive online classes live with hands-on learning
Practical assignments, and team activities
A dedicated career counsellor with 1-on-1 counselling
1-on-1 placement assistance
Our effective UX/UI curriculum
Portfolio creation with 3 projects
Lifetime support and community access
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4 Month Offline Bootcamp
Inclusive of taxes & charges
Offline workspace with stationary and full classroom experience
A dedicated career counsellor with 1-on-1 counselling
1-on-1 placement assistance
Our effective UX/UI curriculum
Portfolio creation with 3 projects
Lifetime support and community access
As low as ₹2,300/month
Inclusive of taxes & charges
All major debit & credit cards accepted at checkout
Upcoming Batches

September Weekend batch

Starts 11 September, 2022
Saturday & Sunday
Time decided by mentor
Online classes

August Batch

Starts 7 August, 2022
Saturday & Sunday
Time decided by mentor
Online classes

July Batch

Starts 24 July, 2022
Saturday & Sunday
Time decided by mentor
Online classes

June Batch

Starts 21 June, 2022
Saturday & Sunday
Time decided by mentor
Online classes

Frequently Asked

Can your program be taken online?

We conduct 1 online batch per month along with our offline track. This ensures people from all over India can join from the comforts of your home.

Will you help create a portfolio?

We believe that learning happens through practical problems. Our mentors are dedicated to hold your hands through 3 complete app/website designs to solve UX problems. This will help you be ready for upcoming challenges in jobs and career.

What if I miss a class or session?

We require you to attend all the classes deligentely. However, in case of an emergency or issues, you can contact your alloted mentor for a recording that you are allowed to watch for a limited time.

What softwares are used and taught?

We use Figma for our UI design and collaboration needs. Figma is free and easy to use. For research each mentor prefers a different tool. However, all the tools we use will get you ready for your future career.

What are the timings for the classes?

To keep classes convenient for everyone, we provide classes only on weekends (sat-sun). Classes are held in the first half of the day, so that you can enjoy the rest of the day!

What is lifetime access?

After admission, you will get to be in our lifetime community. You can talk to mentors, students, and counselors all in one place forever.

Is a certificate provided?

Yes! Each student who successfully completes our bootcamp, gets a certificate which is valid both online and offline. We have a well respected image with recruiters and this certificate establishes that you have graduated from one of the best design schools in India.

We Were
In The News!

Our founders were invited to अमर उजाला, a popular news and media outlet in India. They discussed the importance of UX design and how a career can be formed in the field.
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Our founders were invited to अमर उजाला, a popular news and media outlet in India. They discussed the importance of UX design and how a career can be formed in the field.
Designwings was invited to a well known foreign publication to conduct a podcast session and talk about the widely used design tool - Figma.
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