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We focus on getting you a real life project to work on, get quality feedback on your designs, and grow with a cohort of like minded UX/UI design aspirants.


We want to clear out all your questions before you begin your UX/UI journey

How long is the program and what are the timings for the classes?

This is a 4 month program with an additional 2 months of career coaching, interview training, and placement drives. For the convenience of every student, our live online classes occur Sat-Sun 10AM onwards. These classes are usually 2-3 hours long.

What's the total fees of this program?

The total fees for Designwings UI/UX program is ₹55,350 + GST which can be easily paid in instalments or even avail pay after course completion. We want the fees payment to be worry free and smooth.

Will you help create a portfolio project?

We focus on students creating 2 solid portfolio projects before you graduate. These are done in groups and teams to allow you to learn together and work with real projects. We have design studios who work with us to provide actual real life projects where you will get to work for actual companies on a current UI/UX design project and case study. These add a lot of value to your design portfolio and adds credibility to your work.

What if I miss a class or session?

Since the live classes are recorded, you will receive a recording for our live classes in case you miss a class. You will also receive the class material, presentations, and reading content to make sure you catch up with the class. Our mentors are understanding and can help you with your questions and doubts as well.

Is this a certified program?

All of our courses and bootcamps come with a certificate of completion along with a UIN and stamp of authenticity. This certificate can be shared through a unique link on social media as well as in your resumes.

What softwares are taught and used?

We focus primarily on tools that conform with the industry standards including Figma, Miro, Zeplin, Google Suite, etc. Our team will be more than happy to explain these during a live demo or interview.

Is your program online or offline?

We offer a hybrid learning experience. Some lessons are done online, while the more important and practical concepts are taught in an offline class setup.

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