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  1. Hands on design seminars
  2. Fun team activities
  3. Talks and discussions
  4. Ice breakers and networking
  5. Food and beverages

Hands on design seminars

Learn live from experts in different fields of design

Certified UX/UI design program

Recieve a certificate on graduation with our company stamp, founder's signature and mentor's remark - which is recognised all over the country

Our trusted job guarantee program

Enrolling into our job guarantee program ensures that you get your first opportunity in design through us. If we fail to stand up to our promise, we give you your money back*

Fun team activities

Team building is an important part of our events. You get to work with a lot of cool designers

A strong portfolio and resume

We know what recruiters want from candidates, and we'll prepare you for every challenge

Lifetime access to our exclusive community

Even after you graduate, we include you in an exclusive community of students, mentors and designers - all this for life

Who should attend our events?


You're more than welcome to learn, network, and get a glimpse of how the pros do it


Get away from the corporate work and enter a world of creative activities and seminars


Even if you don't have a career in design, doesn't mean you can't love it

Meetups & Events

Chandigarh UX/UI Meetup & Workshop

23 April 2022, 11AM onward
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Coming soon

Delhi UX Design Meetup 2.0

12 December 2021, 11AM onward
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Coming soon

Mumbai UX/UI Meetup

20 November 2021, 11AM onward
Learn more

Delhi UX/UI Meetup

14 November 2021, 11AM onward
Learn more

Mumbai UX/UI Meetup

17 October 2021, 11AM onward
Learn more

Become a speaker and host a session

If you're passionate about design and would like to share the knowledge, we'll love to have you on board
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